Volkl RTM 81 E

How does German engineering make my favorite Brand even better?

The efficiency series!

Make them lighter, make them turn at will and deliver staggering grip on the most demanding pitches! Our testers found this ski is incredibly more versatile than the RTM 84 and way better if you get into soft snow, glades and bumps. 81 mm underfoot.

3D.Ridge construction and the new iPT WideRide XL give the RTM 81 additional potential and power. With weight optimized woodcore and binding system.

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Core: XTD Sensor Woodcore


This is the construction method with the greatest proportion of wood. The core consists of a number of layers of wood glued together using a special patented process to allow the wood and resin to be better bonded. Two additional wood cores stretch along the ski edges for its entire length. This core offers an incomparably precise ride and harmonious flex.

Core: 3D.Ridge Core


It has become a symbol of VÖLKL lightweight construction. The distinctive characteristic of this technology is a raised central ridge that sharply levels out toward the edge, both in front of and behind the binding. This reduces the inertial mass around the fulcrum to a minimum and significantly enhances the agility of the ski. At the same time, the center ridge allows for a precise dimensioning of the hardness distribution, which leads to an especially harmonious flex on the ski. Despite the weight savings, the 3D.RIDGE ensures that there is no compromise whatsoever in the ski’s durability and elasticity.

Powered by Steel

Many high performance Völkl models feature a layer of spring steel below the ski’s core. This metal layer absorbs vibration, providing addition stability for a fabulous blend of smooth-riding, yet lively performance.

Tip & Tail Rocker


Makes the ski turn-friendly and allows for a stiffer flex setup. A longer ski can be selected.

Variable edge length in tip and tail areas, the rocker height is minimal.

Other Features

  • Efficiency Technology
  • Max Power-Transmission

Additional information

Lengths (cm)

149, 156, 163, 170, 177, 182


16.3m (170cm)




advanced skiers, expert skiers


off-piste, piste