Tecnnica Mach1 HV 130


Customization Liner: C.A.S. full
Customization Shell: C.A.S.
Soles: ISO 5355 Bi-Material
Shell: PU (Quick Instep)
Cuff: PU, overinjected Backspine
Liner: full C.A.S. – C.A.S. instep
Buckles: Mach1 buckles, painted base, Lift Lock
Spoiler: Velcro spoiler
Powerstrap: 45mm Full Contact Strap
Canting: Double canting screwed



Mach1 stands for pure performance and precise fit with an ultimate level of customization. High performance skiers looking to up their game will appreciate the directness of the Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell. Built on a high volume, 103 mm wide last and supported by the CAS fit system, the HV 130 delivers levels of power, comfort and control that have never been seen in a high-volume boot. The HV 130 lives up to the Mach1 name.