Tecnica Forge Men


  • Upper: 1,8mm Nubuk leather with stretch fabric base
  • Lining: Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort Footwear
  • Midsole: Adaptive system, 2 Layers EVA plus 1 layer ESS
  • Footbed: C.A.S. Customizable – Trekking
  • Outsole: Vibram® Forge with Megagrip compound
  • Weight: 595gr (8UK)




The Ultimate Anatomical Last

We wanted to create a new out-of -the box fit experience that is both comfortable and precise. To achieve this goal, we designed a unique last, which is a true mirror of the foot. With its fully anatomical shape, this new last  delivers unparalleled fit and allows Tecnica to pre-shape the Forge and Forge S with Anatomical precision.

Tecnica’s Anatomical Last

We created a true, fully anatomical last, including malleolar pads and a fully supportive arch. As the last is the starting point for every shoe, this unique approach allowed us to create a new generation of Trekking boots – completely anatomical, pre-shaped, precise, supportive and comfortable.

  • Anatomically supportive arch and consequently anatomically supportive foot-bed.
  • Anatomically shaped ankle with malleolar pads for a fully pre-shaped cuff.

Custom Fit Revolution

Tecnica C.A.S. – Custom Adaptive Shape

In 20 minutes have Dinardo’s custom shape a pair of Tecnica Forge boots to match both your feet.

Tecnica custom adaptive boots require no break in time with a perfect fit with the very first step.

Comes complete with custom footbeds at no extra charge.

Perfect pressure to secure your heels and ankles without any pressure points.

Perfectly matches all your unique bunions and bumps on each foot individually.






One Response to Tecnica Forge Men

  • At Outdoor Retailer in January I was fitted for a pair of the Tecnica Forge GTX hiking boots.

    Designer, Federico Sbrissa heated the boot’s insoles and positioned my feet in a vacuum apparatus to mold the insole to my feet.
    Sbrissa used Tecnica’s Forge system to mold the boots.
    Once the molding process was complete (around 20 min) I proceeded to wear them indoors all day ….. the most comfortable footwear I’d ever worn!
    Breaking in new footwear was a time-honored, painful tradition. If you go out onto the trail with unbroken boots, your feet hurt, and you can’t walk.
    Tecnica has transitioned its proven Custom Adaptive molding technology from ski boots to hiking boots.

    Rather than a tongue, the boot has a wrapping cuff. The cuff design also makes it easier to equalize pressure across the top of the foot.
    The boots have thin, durable Kevlar laces, once tightened, they stay tightened, which helps you equalize the pressure.
    The boots have a rubber rand for durability and longevity, and huge Vibram soles with reverse lugs to increase the amount of surface area that meets the ground.
    The sole has three separate EVA layers for maximum cushioning and support. I find the sole super comfortable to walk on.
    And finally, the boot is available in a women-specific last, with lower foot volume in the heel and forefoot.
    The fit is exceptional even with the half size difference in my feet.

    You get custom insoles and custom-made boots at $349.99
    These stylish Italian Tecnica “Forge” boots are so comfortable and versatile, I can wear them every day.
    Interestingly Tecnica owns Lowa a hiking and footwear company for over 80 years.
    With this revolutionary new product, every “old school” shoe and boot are now HISTORY!


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