Prior CBC (Upon Request)

Shape: Freestyle Twin

Available in: 178, 184, 188, 193

Rocker: Twin rocker (tip and tail)

Flex: Stiff

Radius: 140.5/118/138

Sidecut: 17m @ 188cm

Weight: 4910g @ 188cm

Core: Vertically Laminated Aspen/Poplar Core

Construction: Sandwich, UHMW Polyethylene Sidewalls

Base: 4001 Sintere Durasurf Base Die-Cut

Edges: Rockwell 48 Steel Edges

Tail Type: Twin

Additional Features: Carbon Stringers, Sublimated Nylon topsheet


Product Description

Prior’s beefy backcountry freestyle ski, the CBC features an almost symmetrical sidecut and twin rocker for maximum float and manoeuvrability. Stiff in its flex, this ski provides the support and stability needed for high-speed skiing and big landings no matter where your adventures take you. Equipped with carbon stringers for added pop and a strong Aspen/Poplar core for a planted, powerful underfoot feel, the CBC is the perfect weapon for strong, aggressive backcountry skiers who seek deep snow and big airs.

Please note this ski is made with Prior’s QuadGlass construction method.


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