Orage Modernist

The Orage Modernist Ski Pants are great when you want to head to the park and enjoy a day slaying rails or carving through trails. Its looser fit allows for a little more mobility to pull off that trick you’ve practicing and the articulated knees ensure you’re comfortable in a natural position. These Modernist Pants offer a 10k breathability and waterproof rating along with strategically seam sealed design to ensure that the wintry precipitation stays on the outside and the heat stays on the inside. You’ll have Polyfill Insulation trapping the heat to make sure you’re warm in the frigid winter temps and snow gaiters help keep that snow outside. When you put on a pair of Orage Pants you fill the difference and the fit on the Orage Modernist Ski Pants guarantees a great fit so you can feel comfy and cozy on your next trip to the mountain.

  • Original Fit
  • Prime 10 Fabric Technology
  • Snow Gaiters with Elastic Grip
  • Lower Leg Reinforcement
  • Lower Leg Zip Opening