Kastle BMX 105 HP (upon request)

Available Sizes: 173, 181, 189

Sidecut: 134/105/123

Radius: 21m @181

Type: Big Mountain Cross




With the help of the HOLLOWTECH technology the ski‘s running characteristics is improved. The cutout section in the shovel leads to a reduced weight of the freely vibrating zone by almost 15 %. The resulting lower inertia moments optimize the retraction behavior of the ski. This means that after an impact the shovel returns much faster to the stable condition, enabling the ski to keep its track much more precisely. Hollowtech creates even greater weight savings on the TX touring skis. And the Dual Hollowtech on the XX Twintip skis, allows for the fastest rotation and most controllable spin.



Outstanding handling in powder and confidence in variable snow, the BMX105HP transitions seamlessly from the deepest days to mid-season dry spells.  The combination of reduced weight with a broader waist guarantee optimum float in powder and quick response in mixed conditions.


ELLIPTICAL RADIUS, a narrower turning radius in the shovel and tail, combined with a wider turning radius throughout the meat of the ski, allows the ski to easily adapt to different terrain depending on what you’re feeling. LOW CAMBER provides better response in deep powder and a harmonious flex when combined with PROGRESSIVE RISE ROCKER, enabling greater maneuverability. The BMX105 HP’s 446mm of PROGRESSIVE RISE ROCKER improves floatation and enables smoother handling under diverse snow conditions.


The core of this ski has been constructed from silver fir creating a lightweight, yet durable, ski. The core has been bonded with an adhesive block binder, in comparison with sheet binding, for further weight reduction.


The next generation of KÄSTLE’s proprietary technology provides an even greater weight-reduction in the shovel of the ski for easier turning and more stability at speed. Additional features: ABS sidewalls, sandwich sidewall construction, HOOK FREE SHOVEL and two 0.5 mm titanal sheets for those needing a little extra gusto.