Head Pure Joy with binding


SKU: HD-315709-153/158

Designed with beginner-to-intermediate skiers in mind, the Pure Joy serves up both accessibility and control, creating a ski that feels just right from the start. Our women’s-specific LIBRA ski architecture gives the Pure Joy lightness, perfect balance, and outstanding control in all conditions. The ski’s superb edge grip, damp feel, durable Power Sidewall Jacket, and easy turn initiation give you the perfect tool for a user-friendly learning curve.

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Sizes: 153, 158

Sidecut: 127/72/107 (153)

Radius: 10,1 (153)

Era 3.0 is a combination of technologies, shape, and geometry. Think rocker, think radius, think rebound. Think 3-dimensional!


GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.

Additional information


advanced skiers

Lengths (cm)

143, 148, 153, 158, 163


10.9m (158cm)


127-73-107mm (158cm)

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