DPS Wailer 106 (Upon request)

Behold DPS flagship new ski, the DPS Wailer 106 Pure3 Skis. The centerpiece of their new Chassis Design ideology, the Wailer 106 is up for just about anything. This new philosophy centers around the concept that a ski should be built from your center of balance outwards, using variable material types, thicknesses, and shaping, rather than simply laying material down on a pre-determined mold, “sandwich” style. The DPS Wailer 106 Pure3 Skis combine Pure3 carbon+nano construction and Chassis shaping for a ski that is powerful and quick to react, from a big-time backcountry line to inbounds soul turns with the crew.

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Sizes: 168, 178, 185, 191

Sidecut: 133/106/122 @ 178

Radius: 18m


Pure 3 | Aspen Core – Truly unique, DPS Pure3 construction makes for the most advanced and highest performing skis on Earth. Carbon+Nano features exclusive aerospace carbon and nanotech technology, and the absolute finest accompanying materials. Revolutionary on both paper and on snow, Pure3 showcases years of research and refinement in a ski that is 30% lighter than conventional constructions, while at the same time 30% torsionally stiffer, stronger, and more powerful.

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