DPS Hybrid Wailer 99 (Upon Request)

The Wailer 99 incorporates the same acclaimed rocker profile and tapered tip as the Wailer 112, but in a narrower and nimbler platform. Whether built up as a resort ripper or a backcountry beast, the Wailer 99 is ready to go. Paddle Tech allows the Wailer 99 to be easily engaged when railing hardpack or opened up while skiing deeper snow. Don’t let the 99 in the name fool you, not many skis can claim to be in the 99th percentile!


Product Description


Paddle Tech – Tapered, flatter sidecut section that blends at the contact points. Creates a smooth and intuitive sense of turn shape.


Hybrid Fiberglass + Carbon + Bamboo Construction – Hybrid skis have a damper ride thanks to the bamboo. Carbon fiber stringers and fiberglass keep the ski lively and torsionally stiff for control on firm snow.

Poplar Core with Bamboo Stringers


Full Length Carbon Stringers

Triaxial Glass

Polyamide Topsheet


Full ABS Sidewalls


Graphite World Cup Race Base – Fastest bases, because speed is good! No die-cut or colored bases that cause durability and speed issues.


Wide Profile Rockwell 48c Steel Edges

Urethane Top Edge Reinforcement and Dampening System


We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


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