Blizzard Brahma Carbon


sizes (cm) 166 173 180 187
sidecut 127-88-111 127-88-111 127-88-111 127-88-111
radius (m) 14 15,5 17 19


Carbon Drive is the integration of a 3D uni-directional carbon fiber frame into an ultra-lightweight paulownia woodcore sidewall construction. The uni-directional carbon uses a single layer of fibers that run in one direction and are therefore lighter & thinner yet still super strong. When laid flat, it is ideal for managing strength in one direction. However, when wrapped it becomes incredibly strong in multiple planes. The resulting carbon frame’s 3D geometry guarantees optimal flex and unparalleled torsional rigidity resulting in the highest performing, lightest weight ski.

Rocker Camber Rocker

Ski profile with a rocker at the tip and tail, camber in the middle. Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski even easier to handle and increases floatation on powder snow. The camber guarantees great grip on packed snow in any case.

Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall ; poplar-Beech Woodcore, Carbon Drive Tech.

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