Blizzard Bonafide


$1,119.99 $799.99

The Bonafide, long a tester favorite, comes out of the same factory as the category-winning Enforcer. It’s built for similar strength and solidity: wood core, vertical sidewalls, two sheets of metal. Testers still deem it the best crud-buster, and with its trademark Blizzard precision it’s the most reliable on hard snow. This year it’s lighter in the tip, but there’s no loss of stability: It slices arcs with a surgical precision that ex-racers will love in their all-mountain midfat.


The Bonafide has technology similar to fat, big-mountain skis from Blizzard, but holds more modest and practical specs for those who aren’t charging powder on a daily basis. It’s 133 mm wide at the tip and 98 mm at the waist, designed to work for any day of the season and not just epic powder days. Its 21 meter sidecut radius favors long arcs. A lot of this intended versatility also comes from its Rocker Camber Rocker technology, which features a cambered middle section that is built for smooth, race-like turns on groomers and varied hardpack, and a rockered tip and tail built for floating on powder and getting over not-so-smooth conditions with ease. The Bonafide also has a slightly heavier core than some of Blizzard’s other similar skis, to keep its edges locked down on the snow to avoid chatter.

Lengths: 166,173,180,187

Waist Width: 98

Tip/Tail/Waist: 133-98-118

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