Dinardo’s carries a full range of Volkl skis, a company that has been dedicated to making skis for over 90 years. The company’s heart and creative soul reside at the main factory in the Bavarian town of Straubing. Innovation is always the top priority at this cutting-edge R&D and production facility, where each and every new Völkl ski is expected to be better than any before, especially in terms of weight and on-snow performance. The goal is always enhanced dynamic performance, playful handling, reduced exertion and, especially, more fun. This has resulted in Volkl’s top three models, The Efficiency Series!

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  • ThankKastleFX85 wow Being a skier for several years, I skied on almost all ski brands. But this season, I discovered, thanks to Frank of Dinardos Ski and Wheels, the ski KastleFX85. They are great, some of the best I have had. A powerful ski in all situations, carving, moguls, hard surface, powder. Whether it is big, short spokes they answer perfectly. Soft enough for bumps and regids to feel the bounce at the end of a bend. Excellent choice thank you Frank

    KastleFX85 wow Etant skieur depuis plusieurs, plusieurs années,j’ai skié sur presque toutes les marques de ski. Mais cette saison, je découvre, grace a Frank de Dinardos Ski and Wheels, les ski KastleFX85. Ils sont super, parmi les meilleurs que j’ai eu. Un ski performant dans toutes les situations,carving, moguls, surface durci, poudreuse. Que ce soit grands rayons, courts ils répondent parfaitement. Assez souples pour les bosses et régides pour sentir le rebond a la fin d’un virage. Excellent choix merci Frank