Bergans has had a long history as an innovative manufacturer since 1908, and it all started with the bicycle manufacturer Ole F. Bergan, who was a keen hunter and hiker.

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  • I just wanted to take the time to give a quick thanks to Frank and everyone at the shop. It truly was an awesome experience and best fitting I’ve had in a ski boot. I can’t thank you enough, I put my boots on and don’t loosen them or take them off till its time to go home.

    Thanks again,

  • When we need great outdoor clothing or footwear we shop at Dinardo’s . We really like the Lowa winter boots because they are light weight , warm and great support . Important feature is the sole of these boots as the benefit is they reduce chance of slipping . Apparently they are British issue boots for those delivering mail .
    When the clothing they carry says breathable it really does breathe . My partner finds his body temperature stays more constant and overheating is less of an issue for him.
    We also bought beautiful Felt road bikes which are so light and responsive .
    Dinardo’s has great service, quality of products and technical expertise . Also enjoy hearing about Frank testing equipment while skiing locally or out west .

  • Great place!! Staff is very knowledgeable of their products, they will take the time to explain why they recommend a model over another.
    This is THE place you have to go to for the best ski boot fitting!! Comfort, performance, and injury prevention are the goal of the staff at Dinardo’s. Great locally owned shop!!

  • My family and I have been going to Dinardos for many years.
    The service and attention to detail is second to none.
    The boot fitting is the best we have ever experienced.
    If you have a boot fitting problem, go see Frank… You won’t be disappointed.

  • Been on skis since i was 8. Now 52 i am back at it after just over 10 year break. Frank and his team bring passion for the sport but most of all wisdom and knowledge. Had no idea i could be comfortable in ski boots. Great people. Great service. They treated me like family. Thx for being who you are folks

  • I’ve been skiing since 1965 (approx. 1500 days with a couple of 100+ days seasons) and Dinardo’s is the first shop I’ve ever been in that actually knows how to fit boots. Not only that but they also set up your boots with the correct stance, something I’ve never seen a shop do or even ask customers about. And all at no extra charge. The right fit will make your skis and boots feel like they’re an extension of your feet (one with your skis — keeps you nice and stable when going for air); the right stance will keep you out of the back seat and on top of your skis in toughest of conditions, say, for instance, like crud mixed with ice over scraped boiler plate. The right fit and stance will almost certainly up your game.

    I went in there because their price on the boots I wanted was the same in Canadian dollars as they were going for in US dollars on the web (about a 20% discount). Boy, am I glad I did. I’ve got really hard to fit feet and they’ve never been happier.

  • This is the BEST ski shop in Ottawa, if not Ontario. Personal, friendly and knowledgeable service backed up by Frank Dinardo’s quality attention. Why would you even go to some big box store ??

  • Showed up in the late fall looking for mountain bike helmets. Wasn’t optimistic I’d find any… Even though they were all put away downstairs in storage the owners were happy to take me down and show me the different models, fit me correctly, and left me with a tonne of new knowledge. Great people own this store.

  • Outstanding service! Frank gave me great advice regarding a new set of downhill skiis/boots tailored to my skill level and budget. The Tecnica boots are amazing – a perfect snug fit and the Volkl CODE skiis are better than anything I would have chosen on my own.

  • If you are new to skiing / a beginner you HAVE to visit Dinardo’s and see Frank for boots. I was hesitant to take the plunge, but it was way more reasonable that I anticipated and the service was excellent, and the boots amazing, so important as a foundation to skiing and the slopes!

  • This is THE place for all of your ski needs. C’est LA place pour tout vos besoins en ski – tant en francais qu’en anglais. Frank and his employees are experienced and passionate skiers who ski locally and abroad – they know and understand the ski industry. They want you to have fun on the slopes – because they know how great of a sport and lifestyle it is. They get to know you, identify your ski goals (regardless if they are big or small) and match you to the right equipment. If you like to have a personal service, to shop and support a local business, and have a place to return to that will support your passion (be it if your are a beginner or expert) – go see Frank Dinardo and his team at Dinardo’s Skis and Wheels. Merci Frank!

  • I’m a daily commuter and I bought a really nice KHS junior sized bike from Dinardo’s recently. It was only about $20 more than a Canadian Tire bike but far surpasses the quality and was the same high quality KHS brand that I commute on daily. Plus, ride it for a month and stretch out the cables and Dinardo’s will tune it up for free. AND, years later, if the bicycle is in good shape, I can receive a trade-in value on a future bicycle! Always good as the kids don’t stop growing! Very impressed with the service at Dinardo’s.

  • Very nice staff. Quite helpful.

  • An unsolicited testimonial for Frank’s boot-fitting and especially his custom foot-beds =>
    For brevity and to avoid sounding like a snake-oil salesman, I’ll just give a tally since I first started dealing with Frank (Something must be bringing me back):

    Three pairs of ski-boots custom-fitted, plus one pair for my daughter; six pairs of skis; and the often overlooked extra possible uses for Frank’s custom foot-beds.

    (As Joan Rivers might have said, “Can we talk foot-beds, please”..).

    I also have his foot-beds in my gym shoes, my golf shoes (both pairs), and most important for a 60+ year-old, in my rugby boots. (the quick arithmetic totals 7 pr. of foot-beds.)
    I’d claim that they are “to die for”, but honestly, your family and your country are to die for….foot-beds are just to wear; but they WILL improve your life….and your skiing….and whatever other sports you play ~ most noticeably by increasing your comfort level.

  • Highly recommended! If you’re looking for a pair of ski boots that actually fit. Look no further – it’s definitely one of the best shopping experience for me. I recently purchased my 1st ski boots from Dinardo. Frank and the crew were super helpful. It’s like taking a ski boots class! Loved it! In addition, Frank helped me adjust my boots to make sure it fits perfectly on my foot. Remember your left foot is different from your right foot – I’ll let Frank explain more to you.

  • What started with a search for new tires for my old mountain bike, led me into Dinardo’s where I was pleasantly surprised with their knowledgeable staff, product selection and some really nice bikes. I tried some hard-tail and full-suspension mountain bikes, and was really drawn to the Canadian brand they carry Opus. After some convincing test rides and discussion with Frank the owner, I decided to replace my aging ride with a new full suspension mountain bike. Once it arrived, Adam – an extremely knowledgeable mechanic and rider, not only built the bike but explained the new features while answering my questions and even helped to get me setup with a GPS bike computer. He and the other staff members and owner actually ride bikes, and some even compete. I am very happy to find a local bike store that has great bikes and gear with such friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend Dinardo’s Skis and Wheels and will be a return customer for many years to come.

  • My Felt bike has been serviced by Dinardo’s for a few years now. Adam has been more than helpful in not only servicing my bike but teaching me a thing or two. Heather has proved to be so knowledgeable and friendly no matter the circumstance. A recent issue with my brakes prompted me to purchase new tires given the improved technology provided in the recent development of bike tires. After three 50km rides, it was realized that these new tires were not what I needed to maintain the fluidity/speed of my rides. Frank and his team were quick to provide me with a solution that respected my time and wallet. I always appreciate their service and sincerity towards getting to know who I am as a rider.

  • Very knowledgeable staff, and great service.

  • Dinardo’s is THE BEST place to go for ski boots. They take the time required to ensure a great fit every time. It may take awhile but worth it. My family has been going to see Frank for 30 years for ski equipment, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  • I didn’t want to drive the distance to get there, (I’m out of town) but I did. I would recommend this company to anyone! This was the best service! I felt that they give you a real good customer experience. There staff is experienced in what they do and very nice as well. If you need Ski boots, this is the place to go!

  • Frank is awesome at fitting boots! He spent nearly 12 hours working and fitting my Technica Mach 1 boots over 3 sessions, I have a very short but wide foot so getting into a high performance boot is near impossible! He managed to squeeze me into the Mach 1 130 boot that is perfect for an ex-racer! It was a long process but now they are the best fitting boots I’ve ever owned and performance is awesome!

  • I first went into Dinardo’s in Bells Corners, during an August heatwave, looking for some bike gear. While there I mentioned the need for new ski boots. The conversation moved quickly from bikes to boots.
    For years I have skied in boots off the shelf with no particular fitting aside from occasional stretching of the shell here and there and maybe a generic insole.
    Frank’s approach is very different.
    He measured my foot in several ways, asked numerous questions, discussed my needs (big male, ski patrol, chronic Achilles tendon damage, fallen arches and really wide foot) and came back with the one boot he felt fit my needs.
    The fitting process involved measuring my feet, manipulating the shell in several areas, molding a custom foot bed, lots of walking and wearing with questions from Frank and no rushing the process.
    The end result is the best fitting boot I’ve ever had and a whole size smaller than my old ones. I’ve been wearing them for a while now and then getting used to the feel. It is fantastic! I cannot wait to get on the snow to see the effect on my skiing.
    Whether your feet are hard to fit or not, I strongly recommend visiting Dinardo’s to ensure you have the best boot fit possible so you can have great days on the slopes!
    In my honest opinion, he wants to do more than sell you a pair of boots. I’ll certainly never waste my time shopping for ski equipment elsewhere!
    Thank you Frank and the team at Dinardo’s for the time spent making me comfortable, custom ski boots.
    Trevor B
    Kemptville, ON

  • They took a very personalized approach to ensuring a proper ski boot fit. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend this as the best place in Ottawa to buy ski gear.

  • My experience at this ski shop was amazing they are very knowledgeable and professional. They helped me pick out a great pair of new skis. Thanks !

  • I had never heard of Dinardos until I went today. I have been missing out! It really shows when a business is passionate about what they do and has a team of employees that really show it. My wife and I arrived on a day when they were closing early (we didn’t know). Everyone was helpful and stayed late to make sure we had all that we needed. Mr. Dinardo himself custom fit my new ski boots and made sure everything was just right. Finally, a place that not only has a proper selection of high-quality skis, boots and ski clothing, but the people who can help you pick the right product that fits properly. Thank you Frank, Neil, Heather and the rest of the team; we will be sending more business your way!

  • I have only met Frank and Heather on the phone but they were both so helpful and kind I had to take a minute and write a review. I was looking for tandem bike that doesn’t exist for my physically challenged son and Frank walked me through in detail how we could make what we already have work for us. I called many bike stores in the area and none were as understanding as these two. The Bushtakah guy laughed at me…so frustrating. Frank sold me nothing but helped me out tremendously. The next time I am looking for anything that Denardo’s sells I will be buying it there no question. #aboveandbeyond

  • Frank and the team at Dinardo’s have made a huge impact on how my family enjoys our favorite sport. We’re a family of 4 and my wife, who is a tentative skier, purchased boots our first year skiing from a big box store that seemed comfortable enough at the time. Over a short time she found that she couldn’t ski for very long without a good deal of pain in her feet and shins. During a March break trip to Lake Placid she found that she couldn’t get down that mountain more than once or twice before having to pack it in for the day. She was in pain and she didn’t have a level of control that she was comfortable with. We needed someone really qualified to help get her into a boot that would fit her properly, to give her the comfort, confidence and safety she needed to properly enjoy the sport we were devoting so much of our time to. We went to Frank at Dinardo’s Ski and Wheels and what a difference it’s made. Frank took the time to examine her existing equipment, look at how it fit her, and explain to us why she was experiencing the discomfort and what a new solution would do to fix it. A lot of retailers will throw all sorts of product features at you, listing them off like they are reading out of a brochure. Frank focused not on the “features” of the equipment he was recommending but on what the benefits of the equipment would be. He customized the boots to her feet, made a lot of adjustments to the shell, and it has made a world of difference to her enjoyment of the sport. Now she is much more comfortable and she has much more control thanks to boots that fit properly. Now we always buy our equipment for everyone in our family at Dinardo’s. Their service and knowledge always make me confident I’ve got the right equipment for my family. I highly recommend Frank as the best boot fitter I’ve ever encountered. He takes the time to understand your needs and works to find a solution to fit them. Can’t recommend Dinardo’s highly enough.

  • Dinardo’s provided an excellent ski boot fitting service. Frank and his staff are very knowledgeable. They make sure the customer gets the best out of his or her equipment.

  • All four of our family members (myself, husband and two boys) have now been fitted PERFECTLY on the first visit by Frank Dinardo. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient, especially with two of us who have odd shaped feet. We paid attention to his recommendation on the Bridgedale socks too, which are super comfortable and WARM! Thank you Frank – we are customers for life, especially since the boys are still growing like weeds yet skiing like experts due to their perfect fitted boots – great to see them tackle the black diamonds!

  • Experience has taught me that ski boots are the most important piece of ski equipment you buy. If you want a fantastic boot fitter go to Dinardo’s. Frank has tons of experience and knows exactly what to do to get the right fit. His staff consists of many experienced skiers, including instructors, who know skiing, boots, and skis. That experience is critical in helping to select the right boots and skis.

    I find that the better the boot fits, the better my connection is to my skis. The boot fit enables transfer of my movement and gives instant feedback of ski actions. Before you go: bring your old boots to compare fit; bring your old ski info as to type, length, width, etc… and a pair of ski socks you are going to use. If you have it, a video of yourself skiing will help them understand what will work best for you.

    I have had lots of boot fittings over many years of skiing and Dinardo’s was the best one yet. Make sure you allocate a good amount of time, the investment will pay you back on the hill.

  • I had an opportunity to witness Frank transform my uncomfortable, bear-trap-like high performance boots into boots that fit me comfortably and are still high performance. Frank and his team were generous with their time and expertise and the results exceeded expectations.

  • Fantastic service boot fitting, they really care!

  • January 06, 2017. (I know it’s long) I’m not a review kind of guy. If I review, very rarely do I give over a 4/5. This is the exception. Last Friday, I dropped in and the place was busy. Asked how long for a boot fitting and was told it normally took three hours. My son and I are heading to Salt Lake City in mid-February. So I booked some time for today for me and my son. I’ve had a lifetime of sore feet while skiing. My feet are pain free only when flying down the hill with an adrenaline rush. The rest of the time, pressure points, compression and tightness make the day difficult. It was thus time to seek a remedy. I figured, I’ll spend for a pair of boots that will be pain free once and keep them for a long time.
    After looking at web reviews and listening to advice from other skiers, Dinardo’s seemed the place to go in Ottawa. The brands they carried seemed to be compatible with my wide feet. Got there at 11:00 am and Guy sat us down and went to work. He patiently measured my feet and explained the process. The first pair I tried were the same as every boot I’ve had, painful. These were supposed to be the best fit according to the reviews. Guy decided that there was to much modification to do on this brand and he tried another brand. They felt better. By this time, I committed to buying from them. The forming of the liner and boot shell went well and the boot fit pretty good. We asked if the custom foot beds were worth it and the answer was “how important is comfort while skiing for you?” I thought about the years of trying boots at ski shops and after 20 – 30 min being left alone to make my choice and reflected on all the work these guys were putting into fitting me so I replied, let’s do it. After this, I put the boots back on and there was a marked improvement. I wore them for over 1 hour while in the shop and the moulding and adjustment kept improving the fit. Now satisfied, I’ll go try them out and return for further adjustments if needed, that is all included in the price. Left the store at 3:30 pm.
    If you are serious about having a pain free, comfortable and performance boot, you won’t pay any more than you would elsewhere and you will be awed by the patient, humble and highly knowledgeable service provided. Whether for comfort or performance, Frank, Guy and their staff are remarkable for their service and attitude. They are very busy, the place is packed and at times may seem cahotic but the results speak for themselves.
    I’ll post again after I have used the boots for awhile. If you’re enjoy skiing frequently and avidly, this is the place to be.
    Jean Veilleux

  • I was hoping never to replace my ski boots but as the liners fell apart I knew I had to do something. Frank was unable to find replacement liners for my 20 year old boots but he did manage to find me a new pair that he fit perfectly. I bought a pair for my wife as well which really improved her skiing as she was swimming in her old pair. I highly recommend this store-they know what they are doing and they sell really great equipment.

  • Dinardo’s has always been one of the stores I go to for purchasing either bicycle equipment or ski equipment and attire. The last few time I’ve gone in I’ve planned to see what they had to offer, let them know what I was interested in and what my price range was. Every time I’ve left with a better understanding of the available products and better understanding of what suited my needs.

    The difference with Dinardo’s is the way they do business, they try to sell you what you need, what’s right for you and will always try and hit your price range. Other stores are more interested in making any sale instead of selling you what you need.

    Being able to buy skis knowing that they’re the right level of performance for you is great. In January 2014 I would have bought skis that were not right for me. Luckily I dropped in on Dinardo and he told me everything there is to know about the differences between all the skis available and helped me pick a pair that was perfect for me. I’ve skied on them for two seasons now and couldn’t be happier.

    I will be a returning customer

  • Thought I’d add an update now that the ski season is over.

    I decided to go for it and let Frank fit me up for a pair of boots.

    One look at my paddles and a quick measurement and Frank knew exactly what I’d need.
    Out came a boot that, on any other day I would have said “no way. too small!’
    The boot was snug, but not uncomfortable. We decided to take it one step farther. Frank brought me to the back where he fit me up with a set of custom cork foot beds.

    After owning about 5 or so pairs of boots in my life, I never thought It was possible to ski a day without pain, I had just accepted it as a part of skiing.

    Having said that, In two months I put 17 days of skiing on them, and my feet have never been happier.

    During the whole break in process, I noticed a couple small sore spots.
    No problem though, Frank was more than happy to take the boot back and perform a little TLC.
    Each time making the boot even better!

    Everyone at Dinardo’s has been a great help over the season.

    Looking forward to being back on the slopes with my awesome gear!


    I decided to start skiing again after about 10 years. I figured I’d drop my old ski’s off at Dinardo’s to get a tune. One run down the hill and I knew the Wax/Sharpen job was done really well. The ski’s felt way better than I ever remembered. They did a great job bringing the bases back to life. Not to mention they were able to squeeze in my tune short notice so that I could hit the hill early the next morning.

    After skiing for the day the boot pain around my shins came right back. I popped into Dinardo’s the next morning. Frank was there to recommend a “Booster Strap”. It’s works a bit different from a power strap but man did it ever fix the problem. Without going into the details which I’ll probably miss a lot. They allowed me to flex with the boot more freely while having my leg secured to the back of the boot.

    There’s only so much research you can do online. If you want the expertise, talk to Frank.

  • Custom insoles really can make a big difference! I was just fitted for a new pair of boots and it seemed as though I was in between two sizes. I didn’t like the idea of going with the larger size because they felt too big, and it would mean having to re-mount my bindings. Frank had me put the smaller size on one foot and swapped out the other with one he had recently modified. He explained how a proper insole and possibly some modifications to the boot would get me the prefect fit. He was right. After getting the insole, my toes went from being squashed against the toe to fitting just right.

    I never thought that a custom insole would make that much of a difference! I can’t wait to get out skiing!

  • ThankKastleFX85 wow Being a skier for several years, I skied on almost all ski brands. But this season, I discovered, thanks to Frank of Dinardos Ski and Wheels, the ski KastleFX85. They are great, some of the best I have had. A powerful ski in all situations, carving, moguls, hard surface, powder. Whether it is big, short spokes they answer perfectly. Soft enough for bumps and regids to feel the bounce at the end of a bend. Excellent choice thank you Frank

    KastleFX85 wow Etant skieur depuis plusieurs, plusieurs années,j’ai skié sur presque toutes les marques de ski. Mais cette saison, je découvre, grace a Frank de Dinardos Ski and Wheels, les ski KastleFX85. Ils sont super, parmi les meilleurs que j’ai eu. Un ski performant dans toutes les situations,carving, moguls, surface durci, poudreuse. Que ce soit grands rayons, courts ils répondent parfaitement. Assez souples pour les bosses et régides pour sentir le rebond a la fin d’un virage. Excellent choix merci Frank

  • I,ve been a fan of Frank and his team for many years, and recently they’ve proven their attention to client needs superbly. Over the last 3 years I’ve had double knee replacement surgery but was NOT prepared to hang them up. However I had serious boot issues…knee pain was severe when putting on or extracting feet from boots, to the point where skiing was a task focused on minimizing the pain. After an extended discussion, boot recommendation and fitting by Frank, I’m skiing as good or better than ever in complete comfort. Skiing is FUN again! Who knew? Kudos from an even bigger fan…

  • I had my skis tuned at Dinardo’s recently, having relied on other shops for tune-ups for years after stopping doing it all myself. Best tune ever by far. After chatting with Frank about what they’d do I had expectations for an above-average result. My expectations were surpassed. The workmanship was excellent from a visual perspective and ski performance was lifted to a different level. Better and more predictable grip, clean turns and easy release at the end of turns. Thanks for the great job done.