GripWalk Innovation

GripWalk better grip, easier walking!

Gripwalk is the biggest breakthrough in boot binding technology in 40 years.

The GripWalk sole is a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread deliver walking ease and much better grip.

Integrated pads made of stiff and rigid materials, guarantee great power transmission and precise release function of the binding.

GripWalk is now formally recognized as the new boot sole standard by ALL major boot manufacturers.

Gripwalk Marker and Tyrolia systems available at Dinardo’s

For Gripwalk compatible boots : http://dinardoskis.com/product-category/boots/gripwalk/


How it works:

Better grip walking 

High-profiled slip-resistant sole

Walking ease

Natural roll thanks to rockered co-polymer sole

Accepts Gripwalk and regular boot soles

 GripWalk bindings work with both Gripwalk and regular boot soles

Videos the describe Marker and Tyrolia GripWalk-compatible biding technology