Boot Selection and Fitting is a 3 Dimensional Test!

Most skiers know that feet come in a variety of widths and volumes. The most progressive companies like Tecnica are evolving their boot shapes constantly, providing a better variety of shapes to fit any foot. With 13 different shell lasts, There is a Tecnica boot, to fit you.

Dinardo’s fit, foot widths from A to EEEE. See Dinardo’s Custom Boot Fitting Service. “Boots come in Pairs, Feet do Not!”

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Tecnica Ski Boots

A series of successive mergers and takeovers have resulted in the Tecnica Group being Number One in the sectors of ski boots, “outdoor” footwear, after-ski and winter footwear, and in-line skates.  With over 5 million pairs of footwear (whether ski boots, skates or outdoor shoes), Tecnica knows how to make products that fit, perform and last!

Low volume, Mid volume or High Volume, Tecnica boots match your feet!

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Head Ski Boots

Head, founded in Delaware in 1950, by aerospace engineer Howard Head, have been advancing ski technology since their inception.While well known for their alpine skis and Racing results, it’s no surprise that they also excel in the manufacture of ski boots.

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Dalbello Ski Boots


dms-110Dinardo’s carries Dalbello quality ski boots. Calzaturificio Dal Bello s.r.l. exists for the sole purpose of producing technically excellent products that satisfy the performance and comfort needs of skiers.

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Conform’able & Boot Doc Custom Ski Liners


Dinardo’s carries Sidas’  Black Box Project ski boots which focus on pairing the Sidas Conform’able liners with shells to give you a perfect fit. Come into Dinardo’s today to find out more about custom boot options from Sidas.

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