Volkl Skis The new EFFICIENCY Special Editions, are Volkl's, three top models.... tuned to Minimize the energy required to maneuver these skis, and Maximize their dynamic on-snow performance. More about the new Efficiency series !
Lowa Footwear, good for our Planet! Uncompromising quality footwear, crafted in Europe for over 80 years will outlast and out perform any competitor!, You can find LOWA here, at Dinardo's.
Blizzard Zero G Blizzard's all-new collection utilizes a new technology called Carbon Drive. Zero G skis delivery stability, stiffness and a confidence inspiring ride in the industry's leading lightweight package. Get your pair at Dinardo's.
HEAD Skis Founded by an aeronautical engineer, HEAD skis exclusive Graphene material is leading the revolution to lightweight skis, with phenomenal grip! Get them at Dinardo’s.
Orage Ski Clothing Born from the streets of Montreal, QC and raised in the mountains across North America and Europe, Orage draws inspiration from its passion to be in the mountains and from daily life in an urban landscape. Find Orage ski clothing at Dinardo's. Browse Our Selection of Orage Ski Clothing
Tecnica Boots at Dinardo’s Tecnica and skiers know: Boot selection is a three dimensional test! Feet vary in size and volume. High volume, Mid volume, Low volume every millimeter makes the difference between comfort and pain. Let Dinardo's fit you with the "Perfect Match" for all day comfort! See Dinardo's selection of Tecnica boots online. Visit us to find your perfect fit.
Dalbello – Join the Team Dinardo's carries Dalbello quality ski boots. Calzaturificio Dal Bello s.r.l. exists for the sole purpose of producing technically excellent products that satisfy the performance and comfort needs of skiers. Check out Dinardo's selection of Dalbello ski boots online and then come into the store to pick up your perfect fit!

C.S.I.A. Instructor Pro Deals! Tecnica, Blizzard and more……

For all our fellow ski instructors, C.S.I.A. Instructor Pro Deals are available now! <click here>

Take advantage of C.S.I.A. Instructor pricing on Blizzard “Hot Deal” skis and Tecnica boots in Ten.2 series High volume boots or Mach series in low and mid volume! Get the right volume boot to match your foot.

These great fitting boots with the C.A.S. (custom adaptive system) are available for both Men and Ladies.

We also offer CSIA pricing on Conformable custom insoles that offer all day comfort, the lowest available ramp angle – providing better support to all your joints…. 


Boot selection is a three dimensional test! At Dinardo’s get 100% every time!

Most skiers know that …. “Boots come in pairs, feet do not!” Frank and our team, will match you with the most amazing boots you have ever skied in (and yes he works every day, so stop in any time).
Dinardo’s doesn’t settle for one foot is ok, and the other is loose.
When we change the shape of the boot to match your bony ankles, high instep, protruding navicular bone, large calves, bunions and bone spurs, you end up with a permanent solution to match your feet.
Dinardo’s recommends our Custom Footbeds to “Support the Foot and align the body!” This allows your energy to be transferred to your feet to edge and control your skis, energy is not lost pronating in your boots.

So whether you have low volume, mid volume or high volume feet …… Dinardo’s boots, match you!

Spend the time, to get Comfortable Boots, and connect your power, to your edges!