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2018 CSIA Conference

The critical message delivered by the CSIA this week was the concept of good alignment minimizing muscular effort.

This goes along with efficient balance on the foot provided by custom footbeds and correctly sized and fitted boots.

This balance of the foot is a triangle between the first and fifth metatarsal and the heel, with the optimum balance point just below the subtalar joint.

These concepts have been in practice at Dinardo’s for over 35 years and are included in our custom footbeds and boot fitting process.

Come in with your existing boots for a free assessment at anytime!

The first CSIA technical reference : ”Use of all joints helps maintain balance, providing the ability to manage forces acting on the ski and skier.”

Footwear Custom Fit Revolution


Tecnica C.A.S. – Custom Adaptive Shape

In 30 minutes have Dinardo’s custom shape a pair of Tecnica Forge boots to match both your feet.

Tecnica custom adaptive boots require no break in time with a perfect fit with the very first step.

Comes complete with custom footbeds at no extra charge. Perfect support and rear foot stability, to secure your heels and ankles without any pressure points.

Matches the unique dimensions of each foot individually.

At Dinardo’s WE MAKE THINGS, like Tecnica Forge Hiking boots in store, in about 30 minutes, with our amazing new technology!
Support the foot, align the body!