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Boot selection is a three dimensional test! Get 100% at Dinardo's.

 Most skiers know that .... "Boots come in pairs, feet do not!" Frank and our team, will match you with the most amazing boots you have ever skied in (and yes he works every day, so stop in any time).

Dinardo's doesn't settle for one foot is ok, and the other is loose.

When we change the shape of the boot to match your bony ankles, high instep, protruding navicular bone, large calves, bunions and bone spurs, you end up with a permanent solution that matches your feet.

Dinardo's recommends our Custom Footbeds to "Support the Foot and align the body!" This allows maximum transfer to edge and control your skis - energy is not lost pronating in your boots.

So whether you have low volume, mid volume or high volume feet ...... Dinardo's will select a boot that matches you!

Spend the time, to get Comfortable Boots, and connect your power to your edges!